YOGA! didn’t actually change my life.


So I’ve been going on and on to everyone I know about how YOGA!* has changed my life and YOGA! is so transforming. Not from a spiritual standpoint or anything, but a physical one. Wedding-related stress resulted in a gigantic knot between my shoulder blades and neck pain. YOGA! wiped it out. I can push my shoulder blades together for the first time in years! I was bored of crunches on the ball and too lazy to explore any other ab options. YOGA! gave me semi-defined abdominal muscles for the first time in, well, ever. Then there were my biceps. I’ve never had particularly defined biceps before, but now the teeny tiniest bulge is starting to appear in each flexed arm and I have nothing to thank but YOGA!

Basically, I was convinced YOGA! had made my body stronger and leaner and everyone should do it.

Yesterday my mom and I were at the gym and instead of TRX, which is how we’ve been strength training when I’ve been home since September, we just lifted with free weights. It was boring and I hated it, which is why I don’t life free weights on my own. Ever. I can do ball and bar, Bosu, TRX, YOGA!, whatever, but free weights bore me to tears.

And today? I cannot lift my arms. And my quads are screaming. And I actually had to take aspirin so that I could do to the gym this morning for cardio without pain. So much for strength training with my piddly little YOGA! My muscles are weak and I am sad.

* My version of yoga is just yoga podcasts. I practiced yoga for four years before, but can’t afford a studio at this time (plus my schedule is a little too crazy to insert 90 minutes classes anywhere right now), so I rely on for 20-30 minute podcasts that I do about five times a week. This is not a standard YOGA! practice and I know it. I’m not claiming otherwise.


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