Out of sorts.


Weird disrupted energy today. I ate a really small lunch but a decent-sized snack after work, but I felt terrible after 20 minutes on the elliptical. I struggled to make the 30-minute mark, then lurched upstairs and lay down on my apartment floor. Was it food related? Dehydration? Was I tired? It’s rare I can’t make it through at least 40 minutes of light cardio. I skipped yoga, too, because I felt like I was going to fall over. Ate some almonds and took a shower.

I feel a little better now, but still not 100%.

Am reading Home: A Memoir of my Early Years by Julie Andrews and loving it. So many English gardens and London theaters and socks with holes and tortured stepparents! Also, Andrews manages to write modestly about her enormous musical talents at an early age. She portrays herself in her youth very realistically. It’s so familiar, in a way, to read her memories of her own thoughts because I had so many of the same ones. They must be standard young girl thoughts (like trying to force yourself to pay attention to nature even though it’s not your natural inclination, or being completely unaware of one’s own body until someone else annoyingly points it out).

So much online shopping to return. Let’s face it: I should never order from Ann Taylor Loft again. Their sizes are so skewed, and even though they offer good discounts much of the time, the material always feels flimsy.

I’m officially out of workout pants for tomorrow. Oh well. Still too out of sorts to bother doing laundry.


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